What Services Do We Offer?

Enquire and Consult

After contacting EC Kitchen Resprays we offer a free consultation that allows you to show us what you need, and allows us to scope the work involved. This really helps consolidate the job for both parties, we can discuss styles, work and cost, and really get into the nitty gritty.



While kitchens are our main focus, we also rejuvinate old furniture with upspraying. We take old or tired furniture and give it a breath of life, allowing it to be used for many more years. We are happy to spray any peice of furniture you may have or if you see any work we have done, we are more than happy to sell it on to a new home.


Respray and Refresh

First we scope the work involved, then plan how all of the parts are removed in order to be sprayed completely. This process can look destructive but we ensure a speedy refit once everything is complete. Parts are sprayed and left to dry and when everything has been seen to, it’s all put back into place.



What Else Do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of sevices, if you have any special requests or out of the box jobs, we are happy to accomodate and scope the work.

Does your kitchen need a respray?