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What does EC Kitchen Resprays Offer?

EC Kitchen Resprays specialises in reforming, reviving and rejuvenating kitchens. Whether your kitchen is old, tired or just needs a change, we have options and capability to renew and refresh. We have a wide range of colours to choose from along with special spray only designs. We take full care an attention to every detail of the kitchen, ensuring everything is cohesive and accounted for. EC Kitchen Resprays offer a quality service and cost effective solution in one package.

Quick Service

Our work is fast efficient and precise. Depending on the size of kitchen we aim to get everything sprayed and reassembled within 5 days.

Paint, Spray, Finish

We leave no kitchen surface and cupboard door unsprayed. Making sure that not only the individual elements are perfected, but the kitchen as a whole is consistent

Beyond Quality

Our expert knowledge and techniques ensure the job is done to a standard fit for a palace! We work tirelessly pursuing a complete look and feel when the job is complete.

In Need of a Make Over?

Experts In Our Craft

We are always growing our skillset and workforce. EC Kitchen Resprays are happy to accommodate any needs and design suggestions. If you are interested in having your kitchen resprayed or just want a consultation, get in touch!

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Kitchen Repsrays

A wide array of colours and designs.
We pick from the very best current trends. Have a look you want us to recreate? Let us know!

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EC Kitchen Resprays has a vast pool of industry experience, involving cutting edge techniques. Learn more about us here...

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We have a wide portfolio of work to display. We work on all forms of Kitchens and projects. We also repsray and upgrade old furniture!

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